CNnode club

Cn nodeclub project has started since last year in Finland. At that time, it can run on the ubuntu server and visited by browser with :3000
But it yet was not able to have posts on.
Now go on this project at the stage, before I find a job or maybe after getting a job then as a part time interest.

Notice that following the structions to install node,the packages needed and redis-server and mongodb. Errors still exists and node can not run properly.

The method solving the problems is to reinstall all the rely packages with npm, install a lower version of node, such as v0.10.40 with nvm. Then it works. As I know, at least v0.12.6 deosn’t work properly.

Steps to start the program:
1 start redis-server:
sudo redis-server
2 start mangodb
sudo mangod
3 list the existing node version:
nvm ls
4 use the proper version of node:
nvm use v0.10.40
5 start the program
node app.js

NodeClub listening on port 3000
God bless love….
You can debug your app with


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