install Ubuntu 14.04 Lts and windows7 along , dual boot system

Currenlty, I would like to run the nodejs project. But the virtual manchine on Windows doesn’t work very well. So I decide to install the dual boot systems on my laptop.

On my laptop, I have already install windows 7. So I just need to reserve one partition for ubuntu. How to install ubuntu along with windows can be found on, there are tons of articles introducing about this. But for  Ubuntu 14.04, when selecting the install options, you don’t have the option for grub dule boot system. So I finnished installing the Ubuntu 14.04, I could only boot to Ubuntu, but have no other options to choose during booting.

I searched for a long time, at last I got the answer in the easiest way to solve the problem:

In terminal environment or open the terminal window by ‘Ctrl+Alt+T’ and type in the following command:

sudo update-grub

The explain is:

you install Ubuntu the bootloader in it(Grub2) will replace the default windows bootloader, which cannot detect any other operating systems other than windows. Grub2 will not search for windows automatically, that's why you have to give the command.

See the link here:

the GRUB configuration file is here:


Use the editor here and then run the command: sudo update-grub

again to make it applicable.


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